Athi River Super Bridge is one of the longest bridges constructed along the Mombasa -Nairobi Standard Gauge Railways (SGR) project kenya.

Spanning 2.6 kilometers with a possible extension into Nairobi National Park ,the bridge stretches from Mombasa road shortly after the Kenya meat Commission all the way across the Athi River Namanga road.

When complete, the bridge will be the longest bridges in Africa dislodging Armando Emilio Guebuza Bridge in Mozambique from number 6(six) at 2.37km . The 6th October Bridge across River Nile in Cairo Egypt,hold the trophy at 20.5km, Third mainland Bridge in Lagos Nigeria is the second longest at 10.5km and Suez Canal Bridge also in Egypt is no three at 3.9Km

The 300 billion shillings SGR project is Constructed by China Roads and Bridge Corporation and supervised by a consortium of three Engineering Consulting firms .

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