Supervision Objectives

Project Objectives:

Main deliverable/output include:

  • Comprehensive design review;
  • Implementation of supervision activities and putting in place a comprehensive, documented quality assurance framework;
  • Participate in the supervision of the works contract in the role of the “Engineer Representative”;
  • Advise, assist and support the Client in contract monitoring, reporting and financial management and all other aspects relating to proper management of contract;
  • Monitoring and management of environmental and social impacts and compliance with the applicable laws and regulations;
  • Supervise construction of social amenities and non-motorized traffic facilities;
  • Carrying out of topographic surveys, hydro-logical and hydraulic studies, sub-surface soil explorations, materials surveys and preliminary boring and sub-surface investigation at sites of existing and proposed bridges.
  • Detailed design of road, bridges, concrete drainage structures and grade separated junctions/flyovers/underpasses/overpasses, interchanges, structures etc.
  • Traffic studies, surveys, demand forecasting and traffic modeling;
  • Preparation and timely submission of all reports and As-built drawings;
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